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Hello this is Xander, I'm going to use this blog as a way to condense my thoughts on anything, could be a long talk or a rant but this is a tool to help me. The hope is that as these entires go on the quailty of my writing will go up. Recently came out to myself and friends as a Trans girl. Which inital was surprising as I had been indentifying as non-binary since 2019. But after thinking about it,it was obvious in hindsight, I have felt a lot happier and more sure of myself after this change, more than I ever felt when seeing myself as Non-binary, but at this stage I am still riding off the thrill of it all and I will have a clearer view when this settles a bit and becomes more normal.

I am a univeristy student studying Digital media Development, which covers how to be a programmer for multiple types of media. For example websites for marketing, App development and VR stuff. The course is a meant to be board so I can slot myself into multiple parts of the industry being able to pick up what needs to done, figure it out and get it done. Despite doing really well in my developemt focused modules in the first year I didn't do well enough for my other modules so I am currently redtaking the year. Its a little annoying but it does help me process better what I needed to learn during the first year of this 3 year course. Right now I am just about to start the second half of the first semester, the first group project of the year starts this week and since I passed this part of last year, I have become a sudo project manager for one of the groups, which isn't amazing but it's something to put on my portfilo and is good pratice since project managementis one of the modules I failed last year. The project is to create and promote a demo for videogame that has themes of energy efficancy, my chohort is made up desginers, 3D artists, CAD, Game developers, game desginers and developer (me). Due to complications, I am now the only developer in my year group left, all the other developers have either moved course or quit the course, there is one in the year above and one in the final year.


Hello this is Xander again, I am shit, Everything to do with uni is moving along nicely, work is paying more because of global events but it isn't enough. I have just had a bad week because I haven't been keeping up with sleep and eating and exercising right, you know the basics. I plan to get my study done so that I can focus on expanding my knowledge in other programming languages maybe make my two personal sites actually look nice. In side news, I have a commissioned a lovely animation gif for the toothpaste page, this might hopefully motivate me to start making that page but it hasn't been a priority despite me really wanting to make that page.

In trans news, I have been slowly coming out to more friends which has been positiv, it's nice to have everyone on the same page and they have all been very supportive despite inital surprise. I have also been doing a lot of reading, more than I was doing before, reading to all the aspects of Transgender. All of this is still very fresh and learning as much as I can about all of it has been great. That thrill has died down and it has become less "WOO I am Trans" and more "What does that mean now moving foward?". To be more specific, I have read up about Trans charities and the support they provide, Clothing for my non-transitioned ass and accounts of trans women and their experiences. Maybe I could start sharing few trans facts as I find them, who knows.

Apologies for my blog being just me complaining about my life, a lot is happening for me but once it settles then I will start talking about subjects that really intrest me and I want to rant on about here.